How can I book my surf coaching holiday retreat?

You can request a booking directly on this website, through e-mail, or WhatsApp message and we will contact you as soon as possible. We will ask you to fill out all of the necessary information about your stay, your surfing level, and so on. We will provide you with the information about the payment procedure.

All of the communication will be operated through a travel agency “Siete Alisios SL” (License number I-AV-0003576.1

Do I need to rush with the booking?

We always try to find flexible solutions even with last-minute bookings. Anyway, if you wish to escape the bad autumn and winter weather of Europe and come to visit us during the months from October to February, make sure to book your surf coaching retreat in advance.

Am I allowed to change the dates of my booking?

As we already mentioned, we always try to find flexible solutions for our guests. But, of course, if we are fully booked, it may not be possible to change your dates. So, if you need to change the booking, let us know as soon as possible.

On what days do you organize the check-ins / check-outs??

Everyday! We are ready to welcome you and say goodbye any day and any time, that suits you the best!


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Can you advise some good surf spots?

One of the most famous surfing spot in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is Playa La Cicer, wich offers perfect conditions for both beginners and intermediate surfers.

If you wish to experience speed reef barrels, the reef break La Barra is the best place for you!

If you are a fan of longboarding, then we recommend visiting the point break Los Muellitos.

And if you want to ride the best waves in Las Palmas, then you can try the deep barrels and long powerful waves of El Confital or El Lloret.

And what about the best season for surfing?

You can enjoy surfing in Las Palmas all year long! That is the reason why Gran Canaria is often recognized as the SURFERS´ PARADISE!


What is the distance between the beach and the accommodation?

All of our beautiful apartments, as well as the hotel, are located on the beautiful beach Playa de Las Canteras. So you will wake up to the sound of the waves!

And what about the distance between the accommodation and the surf spots?

No worries! The city of Las Palmas actually offers 39 different surf spots! Only at the Las Canteras beach, you can experience more than 18 of them! This means that you are always very close to a surf spot…


What is the weather like in Las Palmas?

Amazing! The days are long and sunny, never too hot or too cold. The average temperature is 19°C – 23°C, and you can head to the beach all year long!

And what about the ocean?

As we already said, you can go to the beach and swim in the ocean no matter what month it is. During the wintertime, it is actually usual, that the ocean is even warmer than the air…

Can you help me with renting a car or a bike?

Of course! The price for renting a car starts at 25€/day. And about the bikes – we have bike-sharing in Las Palmas!

Is Las Palmas also full of life at night?

Yes! You can enjoy live music, go for a drink at the bar, or dance all night in the disco or at the beach! The city of Las Palmas never sleeps.

Are the prices reasonable?

In comparison to the rest of Europe, even in comparison with continental Spain, the prices are really low in Gran Canaria. No worries, come and make sure for yourself!

Do you have more questions? Feel free to contact us!