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The lovers of the ocean. The surfers from the soul and heart who see surfing as a possibility to connect with the waves. Nature addicts who appreciate every opportunity given by the world. People who are willing to give something back to the place on Earth where they live. That´s us – the ones who are ready to make your surfing holiday an experience for a lifetime! Are you ready to surf the waves you will never forget?


… surfing changed our lives and took them to a higher level. With surfing, we found a passion, love, and addiction to the waves. And that is what we want to share with you. Through surf coaching, we want to make you fall in love with the waves and your surfboard even more! We believe that nothing is more delightful than feeling the improvement of catching the waves and being able to ride them with joy and fun. So, if you are ready to take the next step and pass from the white water to green waves, all you have to do is come to visit us!


… to make the most out of your luxury surf coaching holiday retreat in Gran Canaria! To reach this goal, we will prepare a personal surf coaching plan adapted directly to your surf level and your experience with the waves. The plan will not be about popping up! It will be about improvement in the specific skills behind surfing, which will lead you to have a lot of fun and enjoyment on your surfboard. We believe that the quality of coaching is the only thing that really matters in your improvement.



Growing up in Barcelona meant falling in love with the ocean at the same time for Jordi. Now he cannot imagine living without the salty air. He first stood up on the surfboard when he was 18 and that was the moment when the surfboard became his best friend. Now he is a full-time father of two beautiful girls, manager of the Feel Surf Camp Las Palmas, and your personal surf coach in Gran Canaria Surf. He cannot wait to share his experiences to help you improve in surfing!


One word that perfectly described her before she finally found her home in Gran Canaria? Nomad. Her lifestyle was in constant movement so she needed a space where to connect with the body, listen and release. And she found it in yoga. Now she is an amazing and caring mother, a manager of SEE yoga holidays, and your yoga guru, who will try to make you feel more connected with your body and mind while staying here with us.