If surfing is not enough


If you need to do more than just surfing and lying on the beach, this is something for you! We organize various activities that will keep you entertained between the surf coaching lessons. All you have to do is choose the one that suits you the best.

Guided surf trip

✔️ 3 hours of enjoying different waves around the island

✔️ Discovering the best surf spots in Gran Canaria

✔️ Experienced guide

✔️ Possibility to get surf photos

Tree planting

✔️ Say THANK YOU to Gran Canaria

✔️ Plant your own tree in Surfers´ Forest

✔️ Reduce the CO2 footprint of the flights

✔️ Help to recover the forest of the island


✔️ Improve your surfing and your wellness with yoga lessons

✔️ Find balance and reconnect with yourself

✔️ Our instructors will guide you no matter what your level is

✔️ Flexible time schedules, several lessons every day

Other fun things

✔️ Kayaking

✔️ Paragliding

✔️ Snorkeling

✔️ Others