Thank the island by


To support the islands’ unique ecosystem and help to recover the forest of Gran Canaria, we invite you to join us for this special activity. Now you have the opportunity to thank the island by expanding the surfers’ forest with your own tree. Become a part of something great and make a change!

Make a step towards a better life!

✔️ Be grateful with the island and all it gives us

✔️ Compensate the demages done by overtourism

✔️ Reduce the CO2 footprint caused by flights and production of surfboards and wetsuits

✔️ Help to recover the forest of the island

✔️ Contribute to our model of sustainable tourism

✔️ Make the change that really matters

About Surfers’ Forest

The Surfers’ Forest is the nonprofit project that we founded because we felt the need to recover the unique ecosystem of Gran Canaria. We realize that by running a company related to tourism, we also contribute to pollution. And it is not just about the flights that our guests take. Even the production of the surfboards and wetsuits helps to create a CO2 emission – for example, the production of 61 surfboards causes the same amount of pollution as a flight from Madrid to Gran Canaria. That is why we decided to make a change that you can be a part of!

Our Surfers’ Forest is a 4.000 m2 piece of land located in Parque Rural de Doramas – the natural reservation in Gran Canaria – where we plant one tree for each guest who comes to surf with us. What kind of tree? The one that is typical for our amazing island – Laurisilva, common in the Macaronesian subtropical climate zones. Say THANK YOU to Gran Canaria with us!