agosto 18, 2021

Thousands of palm trees, the perfect mild climate during the whole year, panza de burro, and cultural diversity.

Those are the main characteristics of such a unique capital of Gran Canaria – the city of Las Palmas, known as a perfect combination of both worlds – a beach life and a city life. But did you know that…

… ?️ it is the biggest city of the whole Canary Islands?

Yes, this is true. With a population of more than 378 500 in 2018, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is the biggest city of Canaries and the eighth-largest of Spain. According to the survey realized in 2018, one in five residents of the entire Canaries were living in Las Palmas. Additional info: the capital of Tenerife, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, has a population of approximately 170 000 less than Las Palmas. And that is a lot, right? The habitants of Las Palmas are universally recognized for their light-hearted personalities, an eternal smile on their faces and hospitality. Believe us, it is so easy to become friends with them! We are sure that the local ladies would be so happy to teach you how to cook authentic paella in their own kitchen (click here if you want to eat like an islander)!

… ☀️ you can enjoy the beach life at four main beaches?

If “thalassophile” is the word that describes you the best, then Las Palmas is the right choice for you! The city is blessed with a beautiful coastline, that you will surely fall in love with! Here is the list of our four main beaches:

1️⃣ Playa de Las Canteras also known as Copacabana of Europe,

2️⃣ Playa El Confital, a paradise for naturists and probably the best sunset spot in the whole city,

3️⃣ Playa de La Laja, the first beach you will hit while traveling from the airport to Las Palmas,

4️⃣ Playa de Las Alcaravaneras full of families with kids, because the ocean is calm and without big waves here.

So which one will you try first? We can’t decide ?☀️

… ? Christopher Columbus used to make a stop here?

To be honest, we really do understand why he needed to visit the island and the city during each of his cruises while discovering America. Who would not want to spend some time in a paradise, right? Well, of course, lying on the beach was not the reason for Columbus… Stocking up on food and other supplies – that is what he has done on this island. As Manuel Rosa explains «The Canary Islands were very strategically located for Atlantic sailing, and therefore it was an almost mandatory stop for any voyages heading west or south.” 

While staying in Las Palmas, find 1 hour (or more) to follow the footsteps of Colón (as the locals call Christopher Columbus) and visit the museum Casa de Colón. It is a great opportunity to learn a lot about his cruises, the time he has spent on the island, or the place which is believed to be the spot of his last prayers before the beginning of his big journeys.

But you know what it’s like… Seeing and experiencing something once is much more than reading about it a thousand times. So, when are you coming? 

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