6 tips for beach lovers

agosto 20, 2021

82 beaches along the coast of Gran Canaria – that´s what tourist guides say. But the locals have a different opinion… Those, who tried to count all of the beaches of this island situated in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean say, that they stopped counting when they reached 100. In the end, the final number is not that important. What really matters is, that no matter if you are a lover of the sand beaches full of parasols with sunbeds, black lava beaches, nudist and naturalist ones, or secret beaches hidden in the bays, you will find your favorite one here!

We believe that making one list of the top 10 beaches in Gran Canaria is not enough. The reason is that the beaches are just as diverse as our preferences. That’s why we prefer to give you this special list:

1. For city lovers

If you are the one who enjoys the vibe of a city and does not want to give up on it even while spending time on the beach, then Playa de Las Canteras is the best choice for you! Located in the capital of Gran Canaria, it is believed to be the best city beach not only in Europe but also in the whole world! Playgrounds for children, volleyball and beach tennis courts, sunbeds, parasols, a lot of space to lay down your towel, snorkeling, kayaking, paragliding, surfing. You really can experience everything in one place! Plus – the 3-kilometers long golden sand beach is lined with a beautiful promenade full of authentic restaurants, coffees, shops, hotels and apartments. Oh, we are so proud to call this place our home! And did we mention that the beach is also called Copacabana of Europe? 

2. For pro-surfers

If you are the one who can catch every wave, then we have a spot for you! And not just the basic one. The one that is believed to be one of the best surf spots in Europe by many pro-surfers! Between the months of September and May, El Confital, located in the north part of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, offers waves up to four meters high! That means that you really need to be an expert in surfing to surf there! And if you are not, you can still come to visit this beach – at least for a sunset. Believe us, you do not want to miss this one!

3. For explorers

A secret place just for yourself, a place to run away from the tourist traffic – if that is what you are looking for, then you should try Güigüí beach! The hidden beach is often described as a treasure of the west coast. BUT! To reach it, you need a pair of good hiking shoes and some water! The reason why so few people visit this beach is that you need to do a hike of approximately 3 hours through a countryside path. But believe us, it is so worth the unique experience!

4. For influencers

The smartphone is your best friend and you can´t live without posting on Instagram? Then the sand dunes of Maspalomas beach in the south of the island are a must! Here you can make the photos that will confuse your followers: “Is she/he in Sahara or in Gran Canaria?” This question will hit their minds for sure! Warning number 1: Be prepared for the masses of tourists here! Warning number 2: Don´t panic if you spot some naturists enjoying the sun completely naked – they can do it on this beach. 

5. For those who don’t mind lying on the rocks

If you are already tired of the sand, we also have a tip for you! Visit Agaete – the beautiful and authentic town on the northwest coast of Gran Canaria! Even though it is small, it has so much to offer! Here is the list of places you shouldn’t miss:

1️⃣ Playa Dedo de Dios – a rocky beach from which you can enjoy an amazing view of Dedo de Dios (The Finger of Gods) – the oldest geological area of the whole island! 

2️⃣ Puerto de Las Nieves – located just around the corner from Dedo de Dios, you will find a little port, which is really nice for swimming, because the shore is protected from big waves and rip tides. And if you fall asleep while relaxing on the beach, you may be woken up by the sounds of the fast ferry Fred Olsen, which operates every hour and connects Gran Canaria with Tenerife from this port!

3️⃣ Salinas de Agaete – if there is only one thing you should not miss while visiting Agaete, then it´s the natural pools! This beautiful and unique scenery offers one of the best places to take a dip in! We are sure that you will never forget this experience!

6. For Caribbeans

Let´s finish our list on the southwest of the island, on the place which is considered to be the sunniest place of the whole island. The beach that looks like the ones you find on the postcards – that’s how it is described. The one that offers white sand and crystal-clear water. The one that will make you feel like you are in the Caribbean. Do you already know which one we are talking about? If you guessed Playa Amadores, you were right! This little piece of paradise is located very close to the famous touristic destination of Puerto Rico and we are sorry to tell you, but it is man-made.

So which one did you choose?

Let us know in the comments! We want to know where we can meet you! 

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