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agosto 17, 2021

The beautiful island, Gran Canaria is often referred to as a small continent owing to its diverse nature. Tourists come from all over the world to discover its hidden natural wonders. You can find rain forests, deserts, waterfalls, white or back sand beaches, national parks, caves and so much more. The small piece of paradise is located in the Atlantic ocean, around 110 km from the African coast. People often think that it belongs to Africa, however, it is Spanish territory.

Gran Canaria is ideal for doing all different kinds of sports both in or out of water. The island is known to offer space for tournaments and championships in all different kinds of sports, such as running, body boarding, beach volleyball, or others.

Surfers come from many countries to try the unique waves of the famous Las Canteras beach where both professional and beginner surfers enjoy spending their time. There are numerous hidden beaches and spots with more than a 100 different waves to ride around the island. Water lovers can discover an impressive underwater life while snorkeling in natural pools created by volcanic movements, or on rocky beaches.

If you visit the island it is very much recommended to try traditional food. Gran Canaria offers many different kinds of fresh seafood, and you can always find a nice tapas place nearby. The main source of wealth on the island are bananas and tomatoes, avocado,s, and papaya.

To make your trip unforgettable, we have made a bucket list for you to complete when you visit the tropical island.

  1. Climb Roque Nublo and watch the sunset from the sea of clouds.
  2. Visit the sand dunes of Maspalomas
  3. Take a walk in the authentic Puerto de Mogan covered in colorful bougainvilleas
  4. Surf the waves on one of the beautiful beaches of the island
  5. Try local, traditional foods, fruits, visit a local vineyard
  6. Grab your goggles and dive in to see the unique underwater life
  7. Take a dip in one of the natural pools created by volcanic movement
  8. Visit the old town and Vegueta in Las Palmas
  9. Don’t miss the stairs of Firgas

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