Gran Canaria – tropical paradise / What weather to expect?

agosto 17, 2021

A piece of the world where the sun warms your face almost every single day during the year. The paradise of Europe with the perfect climate. The place where you can enjoy warm mornings and breathtaking sunsets, where you can wear shorts and flip-flops no matter what season it currently is. And life is better in flip-flops, right?

So why don’t you come to enjoy this amazing weather of Gran Canaria by yourself? In this article, we will tell you more about the climate, calima or panza de burro. So keep reading…

The climate of Gran Canaria

The island of Gran Canaria is blessed with the most wonderful mild climate in Europe. There are several reasons for this: the geographical position close to The Tropic of Cancer, The Gulf Stream, and the trade winds, which are known for tempering the heat along the whole coast during the summer.

So what is the weather actually like throughout the year?

The coastal parts of the island are proud of their subtropical oceanic climate with sunny and mild days almost all year long. When it is really cold in the other parts of Europe, it is so spring-like here in Gran Canaria. The temperature rises up to 20°C. Isn’t that a perfect place to escape the bad weather of your country? If you decide to come to visit us during the summer months, you will experience temperatures between 24°C to 28°C. And what about the ocean? The average temperature of the water is 20,8°C. In fact, it never drops below 19°C, not even in January. Do you know what that means? You can enjoy the ocean and the waves all year round! Oh, we love that so much!

As you leave the coastal part of Gran Canaria and travel to the inland areas, you will find yourself in a different atmosphere. The higher you go in altitude, the cooler weather you will experience. In the summer season, the average temperature at 700 meters above the sea level is 25°C, during winter, it falls to 16°C. So if you are thinking about doing a hike to Pico de las Nieves or Roque Nublo (which we strongly recommend!), you may consider taking a jacket with you!

“So, does it ever rain in Gran Canaria?” If this question hits your mind, we have an answer for you. Of course, it does! The season of rains starts in October and may last until March. But when we talk about a rainy season, we do not mean that you are going to get soaked every day of the month! The total amount of the rain that falls over our island is below 200 millimeters, which is still at the level of the deserts! So, trust us, there are only a few drops falling from the sky. And when this happens, our island changes from brown to green. Something you surely don’t want to miss!


Have you ever heard about the phenomenon called Calima? As our island is located really close to Africa (approximately 110km), Gran Canaria is sometimes covered with a layer of dust and sand from the Sahara.

That is the time when the temperature rises (sometimes it can rise up to 40°C), the air gets dusty, the sky is more yellow than blue and you cannot see as far as usual. Don’t panic if this happens during your stay! Just drink a lot of water, cover yourself from the sun and take some siesta! It will pass quickly ?

Panza de burro

If you are good at Spanish, you can translate this special expression by yourself. If not, we are here to help you. Panza de burro means “the belly of the donkey” and it has nothing to do with animals.

Panza de burro is the local name for the clouds accumulated in the north of the island during the months of July and August. These clouds may act like some screen that protects us from the strong solar radiation of the summer season. If you are a lover of the sun, you may not like this, but believe us, the clouds will disappear around midday! And if you want sunny mornings, just hop into the car or bus, move a little to the south, and voilaaa! The sunshine!

Our tropical paradise is waiting for you!

You just need to book your holiday, get a flight ticket, pack your bags and that’s it! In a few hours, you may find yourself in a place that you will fall in love with so easily, that you will never want to live! Trust us, we feel the same…

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