Gran Canaria – The Surfers´ Paradise – 3 main reasons why

agosto 27, 2021

A tropical paradise with the sun shining and warming up our faces all year round. The paradise for tourists who love to spend their time in big hotels and resorts with 5-star services. The paradise for travelers who love to explore hidden places, taste different food, and make friends with the locals. The paradise for digital nomads who decided to leave their own countries and enjoy their lives in a different place. And most of all, the paradise for surfers – that is Gran Canaria!

If you are a fan of this amazing sport performed on the waves, you must have already heard that Gran Canaria is considered to be one of the best destinations for surfing in Europe. And here are a few reasons why:

1. Endless surfing season

Do you wonder what is the best time for your next surf holiday in Gran Canaria? Well, any time! It does not matter if it is spring, summer, autumn or winter, surfing in Gran Canaria is always possible and so enjoyable! A huge thank you for this belongs to the perfect climate of this archipelago, which is stable and sunny throughout the whole year. We do not need to buy special clothes for every season, because we can wear shorts and flip-flops in June and also in December. And it is the same with surfing the waves!

The only thing to know is that there are months when the ocean is better for beginners and times when the waves got bigger and stronger, so advanced surfers enjoy them a lot more. For example, if you want to come here to learn how to pop up, summer and autumn may be the best option for you! The reason is that the waves are more gentle these days. On the other hand, if you really want to surf the best waves of Europe, you should come during winter. If you are lucky enough, you may also experience the hollow reef breaks! And if not, no worries, because the waves got much stronger and powerful anyways.

But no matter what level of surfer you are, you can really come anytime, because there are so many waves around our island, which means that you will surely find the ones that suit your level the best!

2. Always close to a surf spot

Another reason why is Gran Canaria considered to be the paradise for surfers is, that no matter where you are, you are always just a few steps from a surf spot! Our island offers more than 100 different waves along the coast. Do you prefer to be alone in the water, or you rather go surfing in places where more people enjoy the waves? Are you a lover of the rocky beaches or of the sandy ones? No matter what, you will surely find a spot for yourself! 

If you want to know, where exactly are the waves located, check this Gran Canaria Surf Map that we´ve created for you! As you can see, most of them are located on the north and northeast coast of the island. The reason for this is that these parts are directly exposed to the swell of the Atlantic ocean.

Click here for Gran Canaria Surf Map

3. You don´t need to bring your own equipment

Yes, we know… Carrying a surfboard to the island by airplane is not a fun experience… Extra money, extra weight, extra effort and everything else around it. Well, guess what! You do not need to do it! There are so many surf shops or surf rentals around the island which will make your journey to Gran Canaria much easier! The prices are around 70€ per week, so we guess you can live with that! ?

Oh, speaking about wetsuits, you should also know, that the ocean does not only offer different hight of waves throughout the year. Another thing that differs is the temperature of the water. According to that changes, we would also like to recommend different types of wetsuits:

?‍♀️ If you decide to come surfing in the winter season, the ocean temperature will reach around 20°C and we recommend you take a long wetsuit. This way, you can enjoy the waves until you are too tired and not until you feel cold!

?‍♀️ If you are more of a spring person, you should expect an average ocean temperature of 19°C.  A long wetsuit is a must for us those days…

?‍♀️ When the summer comes, the ocean temperature rises to an average of 22°C – time for a short wetsuit! Wohoo!

?‍♀️ The ocean reaches the highest temperature during the autumn. In the months of September to November, it rises to an average of 23°C. Do you know what that means? Surfing in a short wetsuit or even in no wetsuit (which, to avoid injuries, you should try only if you are an advanced surfer)!


You know what? Writing articles about surfing makes us really want to put our wetsuits on and jump into the water! So that´s exactly what we are going to do now! And when will you join us? Let us know in a comment!

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